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Poster: sztihamer Date: Oct 13, 2012 5:57am
Forum: texts Subject: Request page? (John Deere 4230 Manuals)

I checked all over the place to see if I can find a request page on without any luck. Used the search, but I can't find anything, so I thought creating a topic here.

Don't know if I'm doing it right, I saw someone else doing the same thing except for movies. If this is against the rules please delete the topic, because I don't want to get in trouble.

Under "Farming and Construction Equipment Manuals" there's a category called "John Deere Company" and has some really nice archived manuals. Unfortunately I can't find anything about a specific model and that would be a John Deere 4230.

I have the manuals, but they are ruined by water and the pages are stuck together. It's damaged so badly that I can't even open is, just because by doing so the pages would rip.

Tried looking for replacement manuals in PDF or other digitized format, but I couldn't find any. I don't have a credit card or bank account so I can't buy them, just because we use cash, just like the other people in the village. The individuals who sell them only ask for insanely huge amount of money that I can't afford. Seems wrong to me for an old manual.

These are the manuals I'm looking for:

The first and the second one would be the most important to me, but I'm interested in the last one. The John Deere Company hasn't been updated for 3 years now. Can somebody please check if it's available in their own archive or the Internet Archive? Tried looking everywhere but no luck.

Sorry for my bad English, I tried to do my best to make everything understandable. If you find any errors I just apologize for that.

Thank you! Have a nice day!

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Poster: garthus1 Date: Oct 16, 2012 10:02pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Request page? (John Deere 4230 Manuals)


I put up those manuals and created that page. I sent the rest of my collection to the Internet Archive and they will eventually scan them in. I had to move from my apartment in New York and because of health reasons could not continue scanning them in myself. If you look on eBay, these manuals occasionally show up. I bought hundreds of them for less than a dollar a piece sometimes. I have some scanned sections of the manual you are looking for and can put up those up; they are: Part Group 30 - Specifications and Special tools and Section 20 - Basic Engine, General Information and Diagnosis. You can contact me at


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Poster: sztihamer Date: Oct 17, 2012 8:08am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Request page? (John Deere 4230 Manuals)

Thanks for the reply Gerry!

Good to know that someone has these manuals, and someone worked on scanning them. I'm sorry to hear that you can't do that anymore. If the last update to the John Deere category was 3 years ago, and the manuals are sitting in the Internet Archive warehouse for nearly 3 years that's sad.

Also thanks for offering the parts you scanned, however I hope I will able to get hold of the entire 400 and so pages scanned. I never repaired a John Deere tractor, and I don't want to trow away an engine or mess up the clutch, transmission or even the hydraulic system. I will do a complete repair on mine as soon as have any documentation.

I'd like to know if there's a way to contact the guys at or talk to someone who scans books and manuals. That would be great if a guy notices this topic. The number of service/repair/technical manuals on the site is very little. I know that they don't have the top priority, but would be nice if more of them get uploaded to the archive.

If I'd live in the US I would visit the guys, the only downside is that I'm from the EU. Also I highly doubt that the manuals I'm looking for are copyrighted. I haven't seen a (c) or (r) logo on any of these old stuff.

Thanks for checking the topic again.
Here's my email address just in case someone needs it: szabo.tihamer(at)

Also I will contact you Gerry as soon as possible!

Have a nice day!

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Poster: garthus1 Date: Oct 17, 2012 8:53am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Request page? (John Deere 4230 Manuals)


I will put up those partial scans and I do intend to scan more manuals. Since I moved to Indiana, I have found some at barn sales so I will be scanning those in. I think that these technical manuals are an important part of history which has been neglected. Yes nearly all of them prior to 1989 were never copyrighted nor did the ones that were have their copyrights renewed. This includes product assembly manuals, warranty cards, etc. If I can find that manual I will contact you.


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Poster: sztihamer Date: Oct 17, 2012 9:01am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Request page? (John Deere 4230 Manuals)

Ok, I contacted you via the email address you mentioned, but you were faster and I didn't saw that you replied to the topic. I'm sorry about that, so take my apologies.

Thanks again for everything! I hope someone at the archive team will listen, and will notice this conversation.

Best regards,

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Poster: Nibiru7 Date: Nov 13, 2012 1:24am
Forum: texts Subject: - site in the archive

Hello! My Site ( ) is in the archive, but the data has not been updated since 2003. The domain name belonged to another site. How to update? Thank you.

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Poster: sztihamer Date: Nov 13, 2012 1:37am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: - site in the archive

This post doesn't belong here, because it is a completely different topic. I still don't understand why you replied to this topic, mainly because your site doesn't have to do anything with John Deere service manuals.